Premium Webinar- $75

Streamlining Electrical Load Calculations

Original Presentation Date: May 27th, 2020

Electrical safety includes proper selection of conduit, wire and breaker sizes based on loads, distance, ambient temperature and other factors. This Premium webinar includes training on an all-new MS Excel worksheet designed to simplify the many factors promulgated in the National Electric Code. 

1:00 hour -Watershape University is authorized by IACET to offer 0.1 CEUs for this program.

CEUs are awarded for successfully logging completion of this webinar through the course curriculum page after viewing the lecture. Further instructions for registering your completion of this course are posted on the course curriculum page below the webinar recording.


  1. Define the variables that affect electrical load design including voltage, amperage, number of poles, continuous vs. non-continuous operation and other factors.
  2. Use custom MS Excel worksheets to design electrical circuits and panels.
  3. Calculate feeder circuit size.
  4. Evaluate existing main panel to determine if it has the capacity to feed a new subpanel.

If you wish to watch this recording for free, and not purchase the MS Excel Worksheet, please enroll in the recording-only version of this course HERE.

A premium Wolfpack Webinar

This premium course is part of our Weekly Wolfpack Webinar series. Each premium webinar includes a digital tool, such as a custom MS Excel spreadsheet, for your unlimited use in planning and designing your upcoming watershape projects.